Valley couple creates custom tiny homes

It's cute, compact and comfortable.

It's an Uncharted Tiny Home and it can be custom-built just the way you like it.

"We built this exactly how a residential house is built, it's just on wheels," Mike Partanna said.

Partanna is the owner of Uncharted Tiny Homes and says anyone who wants something mobile, or is sick of paying a mortgage, is the perfect candidate for buying a tiny home.

"They're good for cabins, they're good for in-law suits, actually vacation rentals," he said.

Partanna says the tiny homes are fully equipped with appliances and have enough space for everything you would need.

"This is full size queen bed, basically you're sleeping loft," he said. "We consider that square-footage, it's crawlable space, but in tiny house terms it's square-footage."

Don't be fooled by the word "tiny." To give you an idea of how high the ceilings can be, I'm about 6'0" and you could stack two of me and fit pretty comfortably.

Uncharted Tiny Homes start at $40,000, which is about the price of a nice car.

"There's some crazy ideas out there and we like a challenge, but you know, it just depends on your budget," Partanna said. "(We) kind of work off of that, it's all about money."

For more information on the tiny homes, click here.