Valley "doctor" charged with alleged fraud, endangerment

A Valley man is accused of posing as a doctor, and injecting dozens of people with an unknown substance.

Craig Allen Scherf, also known as Dr. Craig, was reportedly operating out of a suite at an apartment building, but according to the Attorney General, he was a fake.

Craig's business went by the names "My MD Clinic" and "My Laser Center". The suite in Tempe his business operated out of is now empty, and the sign on the door is taken down.

"I trusted a man in a white jacket, thinking he was a doctor," said Mario Della Casa, who was reportedly a victim of Scherf.

Della Casa said he found Scherf on Groupon, and went to him for injections, as part of an anti-wrinkle treatment.

That's when the trouble began.

"I'm noticing my face is getting blacker and blacker and blacker and i wrote him an email," said Della Casa. "It looked like it was dripping inside of me."

Scherf reportedly gave Della Casa this advice.

"Go home, get your vacuum cleaner hose, and stick it in your face," Della Casa said. "Circulation going, and this thing will go away."

Della Casa, however, called his regular doctor after he became suspicious, and the doctor said the darkening is because Della Casa has dead tissue under his skin.

Della Casa later contacted the Attorney General's Office, and a Grand Jury has indicted Scherf with 29 counts of alleged fraud, allged theft, alleged endangerment, and for allegedly conducting a business illegally.

Scherf was arrested in Payson.

According to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, there are dozens of victims.

"He was doing everything from Botox treatments to alleged weight loss treatments," said Brnovich. "We have some concern because we don't know what was in these syringes, what he was giving these patients and he's obviously not a licensed professional."

Brnovich is asking any victims to contact their office.