Valley family turns tragedy into life-saving gift for others

A Valley family has turned a tragic loss into life-saving gifts for several other families.

A week ago, Kenny Codding was camping with his family at Lake Pleasant. he was alone and fishing when he suffered a seizure, and fell into the lake and drowned.

"We were calling his name," said Tracy Sollis, Codding's mother. "I looked up, and his hat was floating in the water, and I looked directly ahead of me and he was in the water."

Sollis and another man managed to pull Codding out of the water and performed CPR., but it was too late. Before Codding took his last breath, however, he donated his organs.

"He was always a giver, and I figured 'well, this can be, like, the last ultimate gift,'" said Sollis.

Through this "last ultimate gift", several other people in need may be saved. Sollis was told that Codding's heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys are on their way to four different people.

Codding's mother is mourning Codding's death, but she is hopeful she might hear hear son's heart beat again one day.

The family has set up a fundraising page to help raise money for Codding's memorial expenses.

Kenny Codding's Medical/Funeral costs fundraiser