Valley man recovering after scary snowmobile accident in Canada; insurance not covering medical expenses

A Valley man is recovering in a Canadian hospital after a snowmobiling accident. The family calls his survival a series of miracles. 

The Howard family is an adventurous bunch, but a recent snowmobiling trip in Canada almost ended in tragedy.

"There was a big storm, visibility was low, it was evening so the sun was going down and frankly you couldn't see more than 5-10 feet in front of you even with the lights on," said Trevor Howard, Cody Howard's brother. 

Trevor, Cody's brother who was right behind him, said Cody's snowmobile hit a rock. The accident left him in pretty bad shape. 

"He transected his aorta, which is effectively splitting a cucumber if you will, but not fully open, so they had to take a hose to sew it and mesh everything back together," said Trevor. 

The former Marine was put into a medically induced coma.

"They're doing this process of waking up and having all the organs regenerate and work normally - and so until that happens he really can't leave the intensive care unit," explained Trevor. 

His wife and young son, River are now by his side, but the long term effects of the accident are still not known. 

"We've seen miracles, we didn't think there would be feeling in his feet and he wakes up with feeling in his feet, we weren't sure what that meant for mobility and he's able to move his toes, move his ankles, move his feet and his hips, so from our perspective and the doctors perspective he's blowing us all away," says Trevor. 

But because Cody is recovering in Canada, his VA insurance is not covering his medical costs. The family started a GoFundMe and has been blown away at the outpouring of support and love. 

"Overwhelmed and thankful and helpful and humbled, it's just amazing how family, friends and loved ones have come together," said Trevor. 

The family is hopeful the new dad will be able to return home to Phoenix soon. 

Click here to donate to the GoFundMe set up for Cody Howard. 

This story was reported from Phoenix.