Valley man seeks stolen family heirlooms

It's a sign now seen by hundred on Facebook and a story that started last week on Friday as Jake Wedge and his family were moving from Phoenix to their new home in Chandler.

"The moving company came and they were about ready to pack the garage up, and we realized there were a bunch of boxes missing," he said. "I said, 'Hey, did you guys already pack the garage?' and we realized that a bunch of our stuff was stolen."

That stuff included some packed-up Christmas decorations and framed wedding pictures.

"Luckily, we can blow them back up again, but a lot of these were taken as well," he said.

Jake quickly realized two irreplaceable items were gone: His father's flag that he earned while fighting in Vietnam and his brother-in-law's teddy bear that he held before he died of cancer at a young age.

These were heirlooms and memories that were sealed in boxes and taken away, but the bikes sitting right next to them were untouched and left behind.

"I'd gladly give up my bicycle to get my flag back," he said.

That's exactly what Jake is on a mission to do. He put his picture on his Facebook page along with his story written in bold ink on the sign behind him.

Jake's message, "Return The Flag," has been heard by many with over 1,000 shares on Facebook and now he hope that message gets to the thieves who can make things right.

"It doesn't have any value to you," he said. "Just bring it back. Leave it at the apartment complex. You took it. I'm sure someone can get it back to me. We'd like out sentimental stuff back."

Phoenix police have been notified of the theft. If you have any information, please call the Chandler Police Department at 480-782-4130.