Valley native's best-selling book has been made into a movie

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A Valley native and New York Times best-selling author can now add a movie credit to her resume.

One of her young adult books has been made into a film, and Alexandra Bracken is back in town for a viewing party Friday night.

For Bracken, who grew up in Scottsdale and graduated from Chaparral High School in 2005, it's a dream made into reality. Her book, The Darkest Minds, has been made into a movie.

"I think I ended up being the last person to believe that this movie was being made. It wasn't until I spoke to the director on the phone and she basically said I wouldn't be having so many meetings," said Bracken. "I would not have to figure out the budget for this movie if it were not happening. so you are now able to believe this is happening."

Bracken says she was inspired to write a book where teens had literal powers, and change the world.

"What the movie does so wonderfully is it really draws out a message of self-acceptance of finding your family and friends, and not necessarily having your voice be silenced when you need to stand up and fight for something you believe in," said Bracken.

The movie capturing a little of everything.

"There is a little bit of intensity, like a little bit of violence, but overall, it's a great movie for families, for date night," said Bracken. "I think there is something for everyone in it."

And -- spoiler alert -- the author has a small cameo in the film.

"My whole job is just to turn and reveal that a character is still alive and walk away, but I had so much fun filming it, and I was so honored that they asked me to do it," said Bracken.

There are four other books in The Darkest Minds series. Check your local listing for showtimes.