Valley non-profit, businesses improve Korean War vet's home

"I had so much stress in my life because I just didn't know what to do," Jordan Dancer said. "Sometimes, I hated for the mail to arrive because it was just bills."

Eighty-three-year-old Jordan Dancer breathed a sigh of relief this morning because some of the burden is being lifted by nearly 100 volunteers.

"I can't afford to use my air conditioner because my income," he said. "If I could double my income, I would still be below the poverty level, so I use evaporative coolers. They fixed the evaporative cooler."

Jeremiah Churchill, director of construction operations for Rebuilding Together, says Dancer's house is being painted and his backyard is being de-weeded.

"He wants a light yellow and cobalt blue, so it's definitely going to make it a little more lively," he said.

Employees from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Farmer's Insurance are also building a patio out of pavers.

"This is the community we do business in every day and we're just so fortunate to get an opportunity to give back," Kevin Bass said.

Rebuilding Together installed grab bars in Dancer's home a year ago, and knowing that he needed more help, the company brought reinforcements, which is help that Dancer is grateful for.

"I feel, I am blessed, I'm just, I'm really thankful and there are lots and lots of good people."