Valley non-profit helping more foster children

A Valley non-profit organization is expanding its offerings to help even more foster children in the state.

AZ Helping Hands has been providing the basics, such beds, cribs, and even clothes for foster parents to take for their foster children.

"We're the biggest provider of basic needs to children throughout the State of Arizona," said Dan Shufelt with AZ Helping Hands, which is now also offering safety products for the home, to help foster parents be in compliance with Arizona's strict set of rules.

Carrie Watson, a foster mother of three, picked out new clothes for an eight-week-old baby she is now caring for. The items are offered for free by the non-profit organization.

"Most of these kids come with nothing," said Watson. "For example with her, I picked her right up from the hospital."

For the organization, the goal is to take away a bit of the financial burden associated with fostering.

"we want to make the kids life more comfortable," said Shufelt.

"It's just great to be able to give these kids however long or short they're with us," said Watson.

AZ Helping Hands