Valley residents are beginning to get their jobs back, economic expert says

Despite an "economic beat down" due to the pandemic, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) expects the Valley job market to make a strong comeback in 2021.

GPEC president, Chris Camacho, says the recovery will be uneven with retail, hospitality and some mom and pop businesses facing more challenges than other businesses.

Overall, a strong recovery is underway in the Phoenix metro area and job numbers show it.

"The COVID induced downturn is about 215,000 were lost. We've seen about 170,000 jobs have been recovered, so about 80%," Camacho said about current job numbers.

We can all do something to improve the job market locally, he says, and that is to make a conscious decision about where you spend your money.

"When buying gifts for upcoming holidays, Valentine's Day, do our best to support our local business because that economic benefit is shared within the region as opposed to corporate," he said.