Valley residents' homes flooded by water main break

"Since last night, this wasn't even here, last night is how much it's progressed," Dean Austin said.

Dean Austin woke up and immediately started worrying. The flood water outside his garage rose overnight, creeping dangerously close to his home.

"Concern is flooding damage, damage to the walls," he said. "This is, I mean, it's a pretty horrific deal here."

Dean's neighbor, Virginia, lives a few doors down and her situation is all the more urgent. That's because the further you go, the deeper the water.

"On both sides, it's a drainage ditch and I mean it comes up to my waist," she said.

Residents here at the Zamora Condo complex near Greenway and 29th Street say it all started about two weeks ago.

"Started bubbling right up over here and it's been progressing, seems like no one wants to repair it or really get on it," Austin said.

This morning, as FOX 10 reported live, contractors showed up and shut the water off. Residents say the homeowner's association is responsible for the leak and flooding because it's on private property.

A number of residents claim they made calls for help.