Valley student earns perfect ACT score

PEORIA, Ariz. (FOX 10) - A Valley student is making great strides in her education, earning a top score on a very difficult college entrance exam.

It's a rare sight when Audrey Beerman doesn't have a book in hand, a passion she picked up at a young age.

"We didn't watch TV as much we were allowed half an hour a day so that was like my escape that's when I got to read mystery novels and I remember they were all sort of fantasy ones and I just loved this idea of being transported into another world," said Audrey Beerman.

Audrey, a junior at Great Hearts Glendale Preparatory Academy in Peoria, credits her love of reading for helping her earn a perfect ACT score.

"Oh I didn't believe it at first I was like this has to be just an example one they're just showing me what it will look like when I get my score because I got it like two weeks after I took the test I was like it can't be out yet," said Audrey.

The ACT consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading, and science, each scored on a scale of 1 to 36.

Last year, more than 1.9 million students took the college standardized test. Of those, fewer than 3,800 received a perfect composite score of 36.

Audrey scored a 36.

"I heard it from our college counselor and I said are you serious I was doubting it because I know that we have had students in the past who have a 34 a 35 and then when I heard that I said is it official are you serious," explained Kyle Navarette, Headmaster.

Her headmaster says the academy doesn't use a textbook as the main source for student learning. Instead, students read primary sources like the great works of western tradition, works that capture human nature, works that help mold great minds like Audrey's.

"It's especially great because she is such a fine young lady and she has great character and she's humble and she's grateful and she works hard and when you see that, that's what someone is and you see the fruit of that come out in a test it makes it that much better," said Navarette.

"I just love the knowledge so much I want to get this answer right I want to achieve that and so it was never hard work it was always just I want to do this," says Audrey.

Audrey says she didn't prep much, just a few practice tests. She fully expected a lower score and was ready to retake the ACT, so she's grateful she did so well and grateful for her love of learning and how far it has taken her.