Verrado residents say mosquitoes are out of control

With rain and standing water comes mosquitoes. But some people in Buckeye are not sure where an abundance of the pests are coming from.

Several Verrado residents told me this is the worst mosquito infestation they've seen in years. They're biting residents early morning all the way into the afternoon. The county has received several calls about the pests and is trying to figure out where the mosquitoes are coming from.

"They're just all over the place, there're tons in my backyard, I'll be sitting in my backyard, and I'll be eaten up," said Mel Stevens.

Mel Stevens says his yard is teeming with mosquitoes; it's the worst he's seen in 8 years.

"I've been bitten by mosquitoes quite a bit here in the last day or two," said Frank Martin.

Verrado residents have been reporting the insects for weeks. Director of Community Assets, Scott Rowan, says the oldest parts of the neighborhood have been hit the hardest.

"I understand they are a little smaller a little faster they seem to come in out of nowhere. I was born and raised in Michigan these aren't like the big ones we deal with back there," said Scott Rowan.

According to Maricopa County Environmental Services the traps they've hung in Verrado are full of "flood water mosquitoes."Day-time biters that fly in large groups. They say stagnant, green pools in the area may be to blame.

"We've had a beautiful mild spring and them boom it turns 115 and if somebody's out of town, or if the house is vacant it doesn't take long for standing water to turn into a breeding spot for mosquitoes," said Rowan.

Vector control says the mosquitoes don't carry any disease. The county will fog Verrado late Thursday night into Friday morning. No matter where you live, it's a good idea to drain anything in your yard that collects water - including planters and children's toys.