Veteran pays it forward, helps another Arizona veteran in need by gifting a car

An Army veteran in need was gifted a car on Oct. 31, but what makes this story so special is that the car came from another veteran who managed to turn her life around.

Now, Whitney Thompson wants to pay it forward.

Thompson, a Marine Corps veteran, was gifted the car four years ago from the Mesa Chamber of Commerce and the Mesa Veteran Resource Center. At the time, Thompson was homeless and getting out of a domestic violence relationship.

Since getting the car, Thompson has completely turned her life around. She now has a job with the VA, and bought 38 acres of land in Snowflake.

Now, Thompson wants to pay it forward and help another veteran in need, and James Mitchell is now getting the help Thompson got.

"It will allow me to get back to work, save the money up. I need to save and travel to see my daughter again," said Mitchell.

"I don't know what this person has gone through, but they need help, and knowing the possibilities of what it can do in a positive way makes me really emotional, so I am excited to see how it helps him and changes his life too," said Thompson.

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Whitney Thompson