Victims of DUI crash speak out about deported suspect

The shooting of a woman in San Francisco at the hands of an illegal immigrant has cast a spotlight on so-called "sanctuary cities."

Specifically how the cities deal with illegal immigrant criminals. Law enforcement in the valley say it happens far too often with previously deported immigrants being suspects in several recent crimes.

One of them included a DUI crash over the 4th of July weekend that left two kids and their mother badly hurt.

The father of the injured kids is speaking out, and we're learning more about that suspect's criminal history.

A 2-year-old girl, 4-year-old boy, and their mother were hurt in the crash. Authorities say the man behind the wheel of the car that hit them was an illegal immigrant, high on marijuana at the time of the crash.

29-year-old Manuel Perez-Vasquez allegedly drove under the influence, striking the family's car as they were driving on Papago Road in Pinal County.

Perez-Vasquez had been deported from the country six times before the crash; he's now in the Pinal County jail facing charges of DUI and hit and run.

The 4-year-old boy suffered the worst injuries, he had a large cut to his head and was flown to Phoenix Children's Hospital where he had to get three staples to close the gash on his head. The girl and the mother were at home recovering. Now the father is speaking out, talking about the emotional and financial toll on the family.

The Department of Homeland Security released a statement on Perez-Vasquez's history. "Manuel Perez-Vasquez was twice convicted of entering without inspection that is a federal criminal charge. He served time in Federal Prison for both convictions (30 and 75 days) and was subsequently removed after each conviction."

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says he plans to hold Perez-Vasquez in his jail, and not turn him over to ICE until he serves his time related to the accident.

Meanwhile, the family is left with medical bills, and without a car.

The father says they don't have the means right now to replace the car that was totalled in the wreck, and he cannot hold Perez-Vasquez financially responsible.

The family has setup a GoFundMe account, if you'd like to help donate at