Viral photo shows adorable dog ‘extorting' UPS driver for biscuits

UPS driver and genuine animal whisperer Scott Hodges encounters dozens of furry friends on his usual delivery route in rural Oregon, but a recent photo and story he shared on Facebook of an adorable dog "extorting him for biscuits," went viral.

Hodges typically shares his photos to a Facebook page called UPS Dogs where the photo of his good-natured standoff with "Wooly" garnered thousands of shares and likes.

The adorable and equally hilarious photo of his interaction with Wooly read, "Upon arriving at his home, he had the unmitigated gall to inform me that the "protection fee" for safe passage to the door while making the delivery would cost me four (4) biscuits."

The UPS Dogs Facebook page is run by a fellow UPS driver, Sean McCarren, and it features stories of interactions between UPS drivers and dogs guarding the homes to which they deliver.

And sometimes it's not just dogs.

A story posted by The DoDo gained a ton of attention in 2018 when Hodges shared an encounter between him and a friendly neighborhood pig.

Hodges says he takes pictures of the animals and comes up with a funny story to tell about his encounters.

"I like to take pictures of the dogs on my route," said Hodges. "Just as like a creative writing and something to do while I'm driving down the road," he added.

Hodges says he brings biscuits and cookies everywhere he goes in order to keep the hungry dogs at bay so he can deliver the packages.

"I have them trained," said Hodges.

He says it's common in the rural neighborhood he delivers to see dogs loose in the yard roaming around waiting to do their job and guard the house or bark at an intruder.

"If the dogs are always loose, and I pull up three times a week to deliver a package, and they just pile up around the door to get their biscuits, you're never going to have a problem with them," Hodges said.

At this point, he and Wooly the "bully" have an excellent relationship, so long as Hodges brings his expected offering of treats.

When asked if Wooly is his favorite, he struggled to answer, saying, "Man, that would be tough, I love them all."

"I like all dogs, but I would say Wooly is one of my favorites," Hodges said.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.