'We Rising' march marks Phoenix's 18th consecutive say of protests

Another demonstration was held in downtown Phoenix on Sunday in the wake of George Floyd's killing in Minneapolis. The downtown area has seen 18 consecutive days of protests and while the crowds have dwindled, the message is the same as before.

"When it gets to the level that we're having national outcry around the country, around the world, about police brutality and injustice - that's when we as Americans need to start taking a look at whether we need to have a whole new criminal justice system created with the Department of Justice in Washington," said Tara Jones, marcher.

Sunday's march was called "We Rising."

Protesters say they're tired of police brutality and are calling to defund the police.

Jones is working on getting signatures against police brutality and showing the younger generation the proper ways of getting their voices heard.

The protest lasted about three hours. 

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