Weather service: February was historically warm in Phoenix

PHOENIX (AP) - February was historically warm for Phoenix.

The National Weather Service reports that the month's average high temperature of 77.5 degrees was the second warmest February for Phoenix, as was the month's average temperature of 65.6 degrees.

The weather service also says the month's average low of 53.8 degree was the warmest February on record.

The normal average high temperature in Phoenix for February is 70.7 degrees, while the record warmest was 78.7 degrees in 1991.

The normal average temperature for February was 59.7 degrees, while the warmest average temperature was 66 degrees in 1991.

The average February low temperature was 48.7 degrees, while the warmest average low temperature was 53.2 degrees in 1991.

Phoenix has .92 inch of precipitation in February, a tie for the 15th driest.