Weekend event introduces girls to Girl Scouts

This weekend, a large event is happening that gives girls who might be interested in Girl Scouts an opportunity to check out the organization.

"Girl Scouts has always been what it's needed to be for the times," Heather Thornton said.

Thornton says the times are a changing.

"That's what we want people to know, Girl Scouts are more modern," she said. "We're really helping fuel the future female leadership role."

Girls still have a lot of fun, like they are here in camp, but they're also learning skills needed in today's world.

"If you want to join Girl Scouts, you have to at least try new things, you can't be scared [to] do certain things," one girl said.

"It's good to try new things," another girl said. "So you're not scared of everything when you're older."

Thornton says any girl who might identify as a leader, an innovator, a risk taker, and someone who wants to explore would make an excellent Girl Scout of today.

"We're helping introduce girls to STEM and what that means to see it in everything that you do to consider a career," she said. "We're helping girls work on their entrepreneurial skills and really think about their community and being an engaged citizen."

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