Wendy's employees throw 100th birthday party for regular customer

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Employees at a Wendy's restaurant threw a surprise party for one of their regular customers after he revealed his 100th birthday was coming up.

A manager at the Wendy's on Manatee Avenue says the man comes in every Wednesday so he helped a little birthday celebration.

The manager, Richard said employees at his store have gotten to know Jack Muir. He comes in every week to have lunch with a friend.

On a recent visit, Muir mentioned his birthday was coming up and revealed it was going to be a big one. Muir was turning 100 years old.

So Richard and some of his employees decided they were going to make sure Muir had more than a Frosty for his special day.

They bought a cake and decorated Muir's table with balloons. The cake read "Happy 100th Birthday from the crew at Wendy's."

Richard said he enjoys seeing Muir every week and was happy to be able to share in his special day.