What mask to wear? Arizona doctor explains the latest recommendations amid COVID-19 omicron surge

The CDC has made new recommendations on masking as the United States continues to see a surge in COVID-19 cases related to the omicron variant.

Besides getting vaccinated and boosted, masks are an important way to stop the spread, according to Dr. Natasha Bhuyan, the medical director at One Medical in Phoenix.

"Because omicron is so incredibly contagious, we are finding that the cloth masks aren't as effective against them," said Bhuyan.

Just last week, the CDC told Americans to get the most protective masks they can, such as an N95 or KN95.

"When it comes to masks it really comes to what's good, what's better and what's best," Bhuyan said. "A cloth mask is good, it's better than nothing, a surgical loop mask is certainly better, and then the best is using a N95."

For those who can't get their hands on an N95, doubling up a cloth mask with a surgical mask could also be beneficial, according to the CDC.

"A lot of people are going back to work in person, and they're wondering, 'Do I need to wear a mask especially if I'm vaccinated?' -- Absolutely yes," Bhuyan said.  "If you are in an indoor setting with a group of other people, you should wear a mask."

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