Why a robot waitress at a Chandler restaurant serves up Indian cuisine

A Chandler Indian cuisine restaurant is adapting to the times, coming up with a fun way of serving customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic and labor shortages.

How? A robot waitress named Sheila and so far, she's been a big hit.

This past year has been difficult for many restaurants and Chennai Fusion Grill in Chandler came up with a unique way of catering to the times.

"People can feel free to eat and be safe," said owner, Kinnary Vyas.

The way it works is, employees in the kitchen press a couple of buttons, telling Sheila where to deliver the food. She first makes a stop at the sauces, which are loaded on with the entrees.

She then continues on her way to the table.

The customers, they need the name of her. They're like, ‘Hey Sheila, how are you?’" said restaurant waiter, Nicky Kanyal.

After unloading the food, customers press "OK" to let Sheila know her work is done.

Sheila pretty much works around the clock at the restaurant and she might be in for some competition because they're considering getting another robot to pick up the slack.

The restaurant is located at 4929 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226.

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