With family and friends, Valley woman celebrates 105th birthday

A Valley woman celebrating a big milestone in style Friday.

Family and friends of Mary Graybiel joined her as she rocked her way into her 105th birthday celebration, dressed to impress.

"It's hard getting old! Try it!" said Graybiel.

Graybiel may be 105 years of age, but she doesn't let it show.

"My mother is sharper than anyone I know," said Graybiel's daughter. "I mean, she can do anything that any 65-year-old can do."

In her younger years, Graybiel was a model, had four children, and lived in Michigan for many years.

"Some of them are rascals, but they grew up," said Graybiel.

Mary Graybiel

Since then, Graybiel's  family has grown. She now has three grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and many many friends at the Desert Winds Assisted Living Facility in Peoria. 

"That's the secret, all those friends because everyday they have a smile or a joke or something. I mean, you just go form one day to the next, and it all gets to a 105," said Graybiel.

Graybiel's children say they're grateful to have their mother for this long. Many of them cherishing some of the most important lessons she's instilled in them: to love.

"She follows the belief that always keep moving, surround yourself with best friends and love and laughter, and just enjoy life," said Graybiel's children.

"Oh well, I just love everyone. I mean, I'm so happy I've had such a good life with so many wonderful friends that touched my life,' said Graybiel.

After all, Graybiel says life is about living in the moment.

"One day at a time, honey. That's all you got," said Graybiel.