Woman dead after falling off cliff; Shocking discovery in child's rock collection | Nightly Roundup

From a tragedy near Sedona to what could be the Arizona Coyotes' final chapter in the Grand Canyon State, here's a look at some of the top stories on FOX10Phoenix.com for Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

1. Tragedy hits California family during hike in Arizona


California woman died after falling off Arizona cliff: YCSO

Sheriffs in Yavapai County say a California woman is dead, after she fell off a cliff while hiking with her husband and a one-year-old on a mountain near the Sedona area.

2. Law enforcement vehicle involved in multi-vehicle crash


Multi-car crash involving law enforcement vehicle closes a portion SR 87

A multi-car crash involving a law enforcement vehicle caused a road closure on State Route 87 south of Lower Santan Village.

3. Shocking discovery in Arizona child's rock collection


Jaw bone of U.S. Marine Captain who died in 1951 found in Arizona child's rock collection

An Arizona child unknowingly had the jaw bone of a U.S. Marine Captain who was killed in 1951 during a military training exercise.

4. Manhole covers blown off in underground blast


Underground explosion reported in Paradise Valley

No one was hurt during an apparent explosion on Tuesday in Paradise Valley.

5. Learn more about the Coyotes' possible move out of Arizona


Arizona Coyotes: What to know about their potential move and the future likelihood for hockey in Arizona

As news spread of a potential deal that will result in pro hockey leaving Arizona (at least for the time being), here's what to know about the purported deal, and what this means for the future of NHL in the Grand Canyon State.

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