A family embraces an iconic symbol at Turner Field

Rachel Howat has lived in Atlanta her entire life. She and her brother James grew up going to Turner Field to watch their hometown team, the Atlanta Braves.

At one of their first games in 2001, Rachel and James' mother, Laurel took them to get their faces painted. Laurel even shelled out extra money for the professional photo to go along with it.

"In twenty years, members of my family went every year to Braves Games. We had three generations; my Mom, my two children and myself. It was a place for everyone," said Laurel.

Soon after, they went back to the Turner Field and were surprised to see that they were now the stars of the face-painting booth. The picture they had taken 15 years ago was now being used at the booth to advertise. They were pleasantly surprised, but expected their little moment with the booth wouldn't last very long.

"Every time I take a friend to a game, I stop by and show them the picture. They are always surprised that of anyone who's received a face paint over the years it happened to be me that was up there, and the fact that the picture has stuck for the past 15 or so years," said James.

Little did they know, their picture has remained at the same stand ever since. Yes, to this day, approximately 15 years later, the same picture of my family has remained at Turner Field.

Rachel and James are now adults and still love going to the Ted. Every time they go to a game, they make it a point to get a picture taken at their face-painting booth.

"I hate to see Turner go. It is such a beautiful park from the baseball diamond always looking terrific and the city in the background, to things that were particular to Atlanta: the Waffle House that was put in in recent years, the Chick-Fil-A cow up high in left field, and so on." said James. "I am definitely looking forward to SunTrust Park. The renditions of the park look great and I can tell the Braves were creative with the move and the shops and restaurants around it"

FOX 5 asked Rachel her plans to celebrate her final game at Turner Field. Rachel responded, "Our Braves' tradition is to take a picture in front of the face paint picture, so that will be the last thing we do at Turner Field!"