Arizona Cardinals unveil new uniform designs

The Arizona Cardinals will look a lot different when they take the field for the upcoming season.

Kyle Odegard of was first to report that the Cardinals would unveil new uniforms leading up to the NFL Draft, which begins on April 27.

"Your long national nightmare is over," Odegard tweeted. "The Cardinals will have new uniforms this season, multiple sources told me."

The Cardinals confirmed the new uniforms with a tweet on Thursday.

The team has been posting videos to social media suggesting new uniforms, and in one of their tweets, they teased something happening on April 20.

The Cardinals hosted a "First Look Into the 2023 Season" event on Thursday at The Van Buren in Phoenix, where the team unveiled its new uniforms.

The new design features a red jersey for home games, a white jersey for away games, and a black jersey as an alternate. Updates include solid colors with matching pants, silver sleeve embroideries, and a helmet with a larger logo, along with digital shading and a metallic sheen.

Phrases embroidered on the neckline include "Protect the Nest" and "Bird Gang," with "Arizona" sprawled on the home jersey design as well.

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (1) poses for a photo during a photoshoot for the 2023 Arizona Cardinals Uniforms on Thursday, April 13, 2023. (Arizona Cardinals)

The Cardinals' last unveiled a new primary jersey design in 2005. The team wore black helmets to go along with their black alternate jersey during three games last season. It was the first time since 1958 that the Cardinals wore a non-white helmet.

The NFL's online team shop is currently selling Cardinals jerseys at a discounted price.

Fans react to new design

Opinions on the new design are split.

Some are fans of the new design.

"I love them! The white ones are my favorite, I’m getting one for sure," said Danny Bolger, who went to the team store for the new threads. "It’s a long time coming. We’ve had the same jerseys for a long time, and I think it’s refreshing for everyone, especially fans. I can only imagine what the players feel like."

"Simple looks good sometimes, and if it’s done right, simple looks good, and I think they did good here with simple," said Geronimo.

"They look good. I love the white. It’s like a throwback to the Pat Tillman days," said Joaquin.

Others, however, are not a fan of the new design.

"I don’t like them," said Devonte. "They’re a little simple. They could have been a lot more."

"I think they played it safe, but they kind of had to play it safe, because of everything happening with the organization," said Nick.

Nick he would have made a few changes.

"I think they could have added the state flag on the sleeve, for sure," said Nick.