Arizona Cardinals host kids camp at State Farm Stadium

GLENDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - These kids are up early and getting active!

Physical education teachers across the Valley selected 30 students who show leadership skills among their classmates, and invited them to the annual Cardinals Kids Combine with Cardinals running back D.J. Foster and Big Red.

"There's a lot of video games, a lot of sitting around on the couch, which is OK, but you have to have balance in life and I think it's important for these kids to come out here and just have fun, meet new people, hangout with some other kids and just be active," Foster said.

The kids combine is part of the "Fuel Play by Play 60" campaign, which promotes physical activity at school and better nutrition for children.

The campers say they understand just how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle.

"A lot of us are inside and back in like, not even 10 years ago, people used to be outside all the time and it's really good for you to stay fit and just make sure we stay healthy," said Vandre Watson, an eighth grader at Cheyenne Traditional Elementary School.

The campers also say being healthy can be just as fun.

"They love doing the 40-yard dash because they watch the NFL Combine and they see all the guys running and see who can be the fastest, so they're competitive and they're having fun," Foster said.