Cardinals fans helped Jesse Luketa get to State Farm Stadium after he got a flat tire

After getting a flat tire, an Arizona Cardinals linebacker still made it to Sunday's game, thanks to a little bit of help from some fans.

Jesse Luketa told reporters that he left the team hotel on Sunday with plenty of time to make it to State Farm Stadium for the Cardinals' game against the Los Angeles Rams. However, on his way to the stadium, he got a flat tire.

Luketa says he flagged down a family wearing Cardinals gear who happened to be going to the game. The family then gave Luketa a ride to the stadium.

"I get on the highway, all of a sudden, I get a notification – tire issues – so I think it's a situation where I can put some air, make it to the gas station... wasn't working," Luketa explained. "So as I'm sitting here, I look to my right, I see a family – they're in Cardinals gear. It looks like they're going to the stadium, so I'm like, ‘I have absolutely nothing to lose.’ I just yell out, ‘You guys going to the stadium?’ He looks at me a little crazy. He's like, ‘Yeah.’ I'm like, 'I'm a player. I've got a flat tire, can you guys help me out? I need a ride to the stadium. [He] walks back to the car, talks to his wife… he's like, 'Heck yeah, come on.' They got me there on time. I had a blast talking to his kids the whole way there. I made it there on time, that's all she wrote."


MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - AUGUST 26: Jesse Luketa #43 of the Arizona Cardinals looks on against the Minnesota Vikings in the first half of a preseason game at U.S. Bank Stadium on August 26, 2023 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Cardinals defeated the V (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

Luketa went on to say that he hopes to reward the family with tickets to the Cardinals' next home game against the San Francisco 49ers on Dec. 17.

"Beyond grateful for them," Luketa wrote on X. "I need some help getting their contact information would love to provide them with tickets to our next home game!"