College softball player suffers brain injury

A 19-year-old college softball star is on the road to recovery after suffering a traumatic brain injury back in May.

"She's making progress every day," Kevin Shultz said.

Kali Shultz had wrapped up her freshman year at Breneau University and was back home enjoying summer.

"I'm an active member with the Georgia National Guard and I was away at training in Louisiana," Kevin Shultz said. "I remember May 20. I talked to Kali that morning and she told me about the new hobby. She said she and her boyfriend would go longboard for a few miles every day."

Kali's dad said he had no idea a few hours later his life would change forever.

"I had a few missed calls so I knew something was wrong," Kevin Shultz said.

Kali had fallen and hit her head while longboarding at a Gwinnett County park.

Medics rushed her to Gwinnett Medical Center.

"She suffered a brain injury," Kevin Shultz said. "Her brain was swelling and bleeding."

For the past two months, her family said, Kali has been making incredible progress.

"She can talk on her own and she even started walking by herself," Kevin Shultz said.

Due to Kali's medical condition, officials at Scottish Rite wouldn't let her speak with FOX 5, but her dad said she has a message she wants to pass along.

"She said she hopes her story raises awareness about the importance of wearing a helmet," Kevin Shultz said. "If Kali had been wearing one we probably wouldn't be here so Kali hopes that her story can help stress the importance of helmets and hopefully her story well one person from making a similar mistake."

For more information of Kali's progress visit her Facebook page: Praying for Kali

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