England fans witness soccer history at Phoenix pub

Wednesday saw more 2018 FIFA World Cup action, as fans of England and Columbia witnessed a fight to the finish that eventually saw England prevailing.

In Phoenix, fans of England's soccer team packed the George & Dragon English Pub. It was a nonstop three-hour roar, as the three lions battled a gritty and resilient Colombia. A seesaw first half was just a formality, and ended scoreless.

This wasn't going to be a game in which anyone sprinted ahead, and English fans were OK with it.

"A lot of chances missed by England, but they will come out in second half, score a couple goals, and we are going to win," said Declan Fulton.

"So far it is good," said Sara Nano. "England is doing everything they can to win."

A hardy contingent of Colombia fans, however, hung tough.

"It has been awesome close," said one Colombian fan, identified only as "Rick". "It will come down to the end."

England scored on a penalty kick in the second half, and Colombia evened it with a very late goal. Then extra time. Nobody scored.

After 120 excruciating minutes, it was still a tie, so it went to penalties, and that is an area England has struggled in in the past. England hadn't won a penalty shootout in 22 years, but this time, it did.

"Wooo! That was phenomenal game of football! England all the way to the finals," said Fulton. "Like I say, it is coming home. They gutted it out. A win is a win a win is a win, scrappy as it may be. England has been hard done by penalties in the past, but now, we are making history! Come on England!"