Final Four returning to Valley in 2024

GLENDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- The University of Phoenix Stadium will host the Final Four in 2024, the NCAA announced on Monday.

This will be the second time the University of Phoenix Stadium will host the Final Four, with the first coming in 2017.

"It's a big day, huge day, we're beyond excited," said Debbie Johnson, Director of the Arizona Office of Tourism.

Officials say the Super Bowl paved the road for the NCAA Final Four to return to the Valley.

"It absolutely plays a role," said Johnson. "It plays a role, I think, on our enthusiasm, in our excitement, and I think it plays a role in the community understanding the impact, and have them feel like they're a part of it."

The economic impact is big. According to an ASU study, the 2017 Final Four weekend brought in more than $300 million. Critics, however, point to events being spread out through the Valley, Uber surge pricing, and the lack of Light Rail, something Glendale nixed again just last year.

"I think one of things we said to the NCAA is that, 'we know the transportation is an issue. We're on it. Here's a few options we can look at'," said Johnson. "We want to make that ease of getting out to the stadium as best as they can."

The concerns, however, are water under the bridge issues for Johnson, who knows that getting back into the rotation is a big step for future Final Fours.

"I think we've got the best hospitality in the world. I think we've really kinda proven that we can do it and we're here to stay," said Johnson.