NASCAR continues despite a weekend of valley rain

It was a wet start to the morning for many parts of the valley including over by ISM Raceway.

But a little rain couldn't keep NASCAR fans way from ISM Raceway especially with all the Sunday excitement in the air.

"Well I hear the forecast was supposed to clear up a little bit around 11, so keep our fingers crossed," said one fan.

"Well today's my first day. I wasn't able to come the last two days so I'm looking forward to it. Go Kyle Larson," said another fan.

What started out as a soggy morning quickly dried up thanks to the sun, and some heavy duty equipment on the track.

Fans say they don't mind the rain because NASCAR is more like family coming together from all over for a reunion.

"I tell you, it's very tight knit. There's an entire city out here right now and you love race car racing and you're here for that event."