New Arizona Coyotes arena plan? Well, about that...

What officials with the Arizona Coyotes called their new arena plans on May 19 turned out to be little more than a well-known prank involving a pop singer.

During the late morning hours of May 19, officials with the team posted on Twitter that if the tweet received 20,000 likes, they will "leak their new arena plans."

About three hours later, officials made another tweet.

"The wait is over. Click the link below," read the tweet, with a link attached.

The link led to a website with a video. The video had nothing to do with any arena plans at all; rather, it is the music video for British singer Rick Astley's 1987 song "Never Gonna Give You Up."

According to the website, an act that involves posting a link that is supposedly relevant to one topic, but redirects people to the music video listed above is known as Rickrolling.

The first rickrolling prank, according to the website, reportedly happened in 2006, based on a claim by a YouTuber. A rickrolling prank involving the singer himself actually happened during the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in 2008.

The prank took place just days after a special election in Tempe involving a series of three propositions that needed to pass before a development project that involved building a new home for the Coyotes can move forward. Unofficial results show all three ballot measures failed, and the results are set to be certified in June, according to Tempe city officials.

While Coyotes officials have stated that they will remain in Arizona for at least the next NHL season, there remains a certain level of instability over the team's longer-term future.

Reaction to the prank were mixed, with some finding the prank rather amusing…

…while others were less than happy.