President Trump to attend CFP National Championship

Security at Monday's CFP National Championship game in Atlanta will be even tighter as President Donald Trump is expected to attend the game, and officials warn of traffic slowdowns, checkpoints, crowd searches and long security lines to get into the game.

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Multiple agencies confirm his visit. The Atlanta Secret Service Office said they were informed last night about his attendance.

Details regarding his schedule while in Atlanta have not yet been finalized, according to agents.

Atlanta Police said they have been asked to assist in the visit, but referred any further inquiry to the Secret Service.

GDOT warns drivers that if POTUS arrives via motorcade to the stadium, freeways will be temporarily shut down to protect the Commander in Chief.

No word yet on road closures as a result of President Trump's visit; security experts advise for the Secret Service to secure and close streets surrounding the stadium in expectation of the visit.

Some people who work in and around the downtown area are considering working from home because of the expectation that traffic will be so bad.

Georgia and Alabama, two SEC titans are set to play for the National Championship. Both states swung for Trump in the election.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders started out the administration's first briefing of the year conveying President Trump's congratulations to the teams, but made no mention of his trip to Atlanta.

"The President would like to start by congratulating two great teams from two great states, both in the heart of Trump country. We look forward to a fantastic national championship between Georgia and Alabama next week," Sanders said.

The CFP Championship Game will take place Monday at 8 p.m. in Atlanta's new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Festivities are expected to get into full swing Friday night.

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Game officials already warn for attendees to abide by security rules and leave a list of belongings at home, but security experts warn, with President Trump in attendance, bringing the wrong item could lead security officials to force you from the stadium.

Tailgaters are also warned to be prepared for possible vehicle searches and checkpoints if the president travels via motorcade, and for beefed-up security along the route. Security experts advise for tailgaters to leave questionable items at home.

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