Suns fan raising money for billboards calling on Sarver to sell off the team

In Phoenix, the sad state of the Phoenix Suns accelerated over the weekend. Now, one fan has had enough, to the point where he's taking his message to the rest of the Valley.

The movement to send Robert Sarver packing as the Suns' owner has been building for some time, but now, one fan wants to take it to another level.

"The way I look at this whole campaign is just a vehicle to share a lot of Suns fans message right now," said Alex Smith.

Alex Smith has been coming to games at Talking Stick for 10 years now, and his GoFundMe account has raised enough money to buy three billboards nearby

"Really, working with limited funds, what's the best bang for our buck to get the most eyeballs drawn to what we're trying to accomplish here?" said Smith.

Using the hashtag #SarverOut, Smith is hoping that the Suns owner gets the message.

"I think it's real easy to take fans for granted, and just expect them to show up everyday because we're an NBA team, come see us," said Smith. "At the end of the day, people like myself don't have money to throw away for these tickets, if we're not seeing any value for it."

The suns futility has caught national attention as well, with Sports Illustrated unloading an article advocating Sarver to sell the Suns, and cash out. Studies also show Sarver's ownership group would be making serious cash. Sarver bought the franchise in 2004 for the healthy price tag of $401 million, and a Forbes study shows the team is now worth nearly 3 times that amount.

After the Houston Rockets sold for $2.2 billion this fall, the economics clearly show this would be a good time to get out.

"He's a smart businessman, that's how he made his money, and I think he'd be silly not to look at the current value of the team right now and see what he can get for it," said Smith.