Valley kids learn what it takes to train like a pro athlete

These young athletes are getting to train like the pros.

The AZ Youth Football Combine is happening this weekend where boys and girls will get a chance to experience what professional football players do.

"It's very similar to the nfl combine," said Damien Anderson, co-founder of AZ Youth Football Combine. "They're going to come out to the AZ Youth Football Combine and have that game or that combine experience, be interviewed, get some action shots, and they're also going to have their own individual highlight tape that allows them to post, share, like and retweet and do everything on social media."

The kids will put their skills to the test with a 40-yard dash, shuttle run, broad jump station, and position-based drills.

"This was just inspired by let's make an event that I would want to do as sa kid, let's make an amazing experience for the kids, and having fun playing one of the greatest sports in the world," said Co-founder Casey Gould.

The founders of AZ Youth Football Combine say it's their love of football that they feel will teach young Valley athletes skills that reach far beyond a football field.

"Not only can football bless your life, but you could use it as a piece to grow and create so much more for your life and have a great time doing it as well," Anderson said.

AZ Youth Football Combine