Valley man roots on his beloved Cubs in World Series

Loren Krumwiede is saying what a lot of Cubs fans are thinking.

"After 71 years, it would be nice if they could finally pull it off," he said.

He was there, 71 years ago at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs play the Detroit Tigers. He went with his dad when tickets cost just $8.

"We would go down early so I could get my autographs and I was very successful," he said. "I have, for example, Ford Fricks' autograph right here. He was the commissioner of baseball at that time."

In his hands is the original 1945 program sold for just 25 cents, but now covered with autographs would probably sell for much more.

"My dad kept the score and you can see that here," he said.

Loren was just 14 at the time and says he remembers the 1945 game like it was yesterday, even where he sat.

"Just a couple rows up from the box seats," he said.

This time around, he won't make it to Wrigley Field.

"It is too much of a trip to go back to Chicago from here," he said. "We didn't really think about it."

But Loren says he'll be rooting for his Cubbies from his Sun City home.