Valley women claim botched lip injections caused severe infection

They're all the rage for some women - pouty lips. To get the look, they're paying to have lip injections. Which works out for most, but several Valley women are dealing with a nightmare after their lip injections were botched. We want to warn you - the photos you're about to see are pretty graphic.

Made in Arizona: Voyce Threads

Across Arizona, nonprofit groups are making a difference in our communities and one man created a business to tell their stories — on pairs of socks. Voyce Threads wants to help you start meaningful conversations by showing off what's on your street.

Cory's Corner: Pop 'N Tea Bar

The Phoenix New Times says the best place to Instagram your food is Pop 'N Tea Bar near 7th Ave. and McDowell, so we sent Cory McCloskey over to make pretty drinks and ice cream bars to fill your IG feed.

Olmost the Weekend: Mesmerica at Arizona Science Center

A mesmerizing show at the Arizona Science Center's planetarium. It's a cool 3D music spectacular called "Mesmerica." It's a great way to escape the triple-digit temperatures. The show features 3D animation accompanied by the music of Grammy-nominated composer James Hood.

Cory's Corner: The Toy Barn

FOX 10's Cory McCloskey checks out the Toy Barn in Scottsdale where you rent garages and turn them into a man cave or store your expensive toys.