2024 Republican National Convention | Newsmaker

University of Chicago Professor Emeritus Charles Lipson joins FOX 10's John Hook for this Newsmaker to talk all things politics as the Republican National Convention takes place this week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the second segment, we're chatting with Gina Swoboda, chair of the Arizona GOP. She talks about the state of both the Democratic and Republican parties as the November election inches closer and closer.

WM Butterfield landfill | Drone Zone

Ever wonder where your trash goes after you set the bin out in front of your house every week? A garbage truck picks up the trash from the bins and takes it to a transfer station where larger trucks haul three times the trash to a landfill. The trash will most likely end up at the WM Butterfield landfill. In this Drone Zone, FOX 10 Drone Pilot Brian Kae gives a bird's eye view of the largest landfill in Arizona.

6 foreign nationals in California charged in multi-state ATM skimming scam

Nicolas Codreanu, Ionut Zamfir, Armondo Codreanu, Robby Codreanu, Mila Ciuciu, and Isabela Codreanu allegedly placed skimming devices on bank ATMs in Rhode Island and Washington, and used the account information skimmed from victims' cards to withdraw more than $300,000 from bank accounts.

Politics & 'Hamilton' the play | Newsmaker

In this week’s Newsmaker, FOX 10’s Christina Carilla fills in for John Hook. First, she chats with HighGround, Inc.’s Chuck Coughlin about the state of the Democratic party as there are calls for President Joe Biden to drop out of the 2024 race against former President Donald Trump. In the second segment, she chats with Blaine Alden Krauss who plays Alexander Hamilton in the play “Hamilton” as the show has a month-long residency at ASU Gammage.

Biggest name yet to say Biden must go l FOX 10 Talks

Ron Hoon and Syleste Rodriguez discuss local and national headlines, including Joe Biden not leaving the presidential race after some Democrats called on him to drop out following his shaky debate performance against Donald Trump.

Arizona political candidate accused of stolen valor

A Republican who owns a Trump-themed store in Show Low is running for office and facing allegations of “stolen valor." FOX 10 Investigates confronted him to get his side of the story as voters in northern Arizona want answers.