Richard Branson shares photos of damage on private island after Irma

After taking shelter in a wine cellar during Hurricane Irma, Richard Branson shared images of the devastation on his private island located in the Caribbean.

The billionaire made headlines last week when he refused to leave his island located in the British Virgin Islands, and decided to ride out the storm -- In his concrete wine cellar.

Branson, along with about a dozen Virgin Group staff members, had a sleepover of epic proportions on Necker Island which has withstood 3 hurricanes in the past 30 years.

Before Irma hit, Branson tweeted there was some uncertainty of how the island would hold up in a Category 5 hurricane like Irma.

Branson's social media went quiet for hours during the storm, but he finally resurfaced on his blog Thursday morning to let people know that the whole team was safe. The island and its buildings, however, were not. The doors and windows outside the wine cellar were blown 40 feet away, and "whole houses and trees have disappeared.

Monday morning, Branson shared photos of Necker Island on Twitter.

In the aftermath of the storm, Branson writes that he traveled to Puerto Rico to, "further mobilize aid efforts and rebuilding plans for the British Virgin Islands and wider Caribbean."

Branson thanked people for the "messages of support" and said he was certain the "amazing people" living in the islands "will bounce back stronger than ever."