14-year-old home alone during break-in; neighbor calls 911

A 14-year-old boy was home alone when burglars broke into his home near Indian School and Granite Reef Road. He hid in the garage and called 911.

As it turns out, Scottsdale police were already in the neighborhood, thanks to an observant neighbor.

"They were walking around and it just didn't look right," said John Cassavant, who saw two of the men walk out of an alley next to his house carrying a gas can. As they walked down the block, he called 911.

"General gut feeling.. I've never seen them around the neighborhood.. we've been here 20 years," he said.

Minutes later, police say the men went down the block and kicked open the front door of the teen's home. The 14-year-old was terrified as he called for help.

"That's really a scary thing for anybody to go through when someone is breaking into your house," said Kelly Cassavant.

Thankfully, police were already in the area and say they found Daniel Navarro and Maher Odeh in the backyard trying to run away. Both were arrested. Robert Hutto was also arrested and investigators believe he was the getaway driver.

"You feel safe at home and when you don't have that safety because someone is breaking in, that's terrifying and that takes something away," said Kelly.

John added, "Block watch is so important. We all look out for each other in our neighborhood here."

Police say Navarro, Odeh and Hutto are facing burglary and drug charges.