2 people seriously injured in ASU fall incident

Two people suffered serious, non-life threatening injuries Sunday, after a man fell from a balcony at Arizona State University's Grady Gammage Auditorium.

According to ASU Police, they received a 911 medical call at 2:20 in the afternoon. A man was sitting in a second floor balcony against the sidewall, and needed to use the restroom. He reportedly did not want to inconvenience people, so he stood up on the chair, and stepped over a wall that was approximately two feet above a person's head, when the person is sitting..

The person, according to ASU Police, did not realize there was nothing on the other side of the wall. That person then fell onto three patrons below, on the first floor of the auditorium. ASU Police said their officers stabilized one of the injured person's head, until Tempe Fire Department arrived at the scene.

According to Tempe Fire officials, three people were taken to the hospital. Besides the two who suffered serious injuries, another person suffered minor injuries.

Tempe Fire officials said ASU will investigate the incident.