2-year-old boy drowns in Scottsdale pool: 'It's a silent killer'

A 2-year-old boy has died after drowning in a swimming pool in Scottsdale.

Capt. Dave Folio with Scottsdale Fire says crews responded on March 13 to reports of a "baby not breathing" near Scottsdale and Thomas Roads.

"Dispatchers provided instructions to the caller to perform CPR," Folio said. "As fire and police arrived, it was learned this was related to drowning. The baby was transported to a local pediatric trauma hospital."

The 2-year-old later died in the hospital.

Scottsdale Police said the toddler was somehow able to climb over a 6-foot block wall to get over to a pool in the backyard of a short-term rental home. 

"The family had some items near and against the wall and it is believed the toddler was able to climb over the wall and gained access to the neighboring pool," said Ofc. Aaron Bolin.

Police say crisis counselors are being sent to assist the family. No arrests were made, and no citations were issued.

Map of the area near the drowning scene:

‘False sense of security'

"You can do everything you can to provide them life saving measures advanced life support, all the way to the hospital, and then they end up passing away. It takes a toll on our people," said Dave Folio with the Scottsdale Fire Department.

We spoke with area residents, who say they are shocked something like this happened close to home. Meanwhile, Scottsdale Fire officials say parents need to be extra vigilant in order to avoid similar tragedies.

"Don’t fall into a false sense of security having a pool fence up. Supervision is absolutely key. It’s a silent killer, drowning. You slip under the water and nobody ever heard it," said Folio.

Folio said learning CPR is also essential.

"If you get that initial submersion where they stopped breathing, and you can provide those couple breaths to them, and they start breathing again, that’s huge," said Folio.