20 years later, family of missing Mikelle Biggs still hoping to find some answers

MESA, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- It's a nightmare that unfolded in the Valley two decades ago: a little girl heading to find an ice cream truck vanished, without a trace.

20 years is a long time, but it hasn't dulled the faith of Mikelle Bigg's family. Mikelle's sister, Kimber, says they will never stop fighting and looking and hoping they find out what happened to the 11-year-old.

On the afternoon of January 2, 1998, Mikelle took her younger sister's bike to go find the ice cream truck she heard in their Mesa neighborhood. When she didn't return, Kimber went to find her, and instead found the bicycle abandoned in the street, near their home.

"The one thing that sticks out in my mind, and I always say it's that bike in the road, you know, the tire spinning," said Kimber.

The neighborhood was soon teeming with law enforcement, volunteers, neighbors, everyone looking for Mikelle. Despite desperate pleas from her parents and an outpouring of community support, Mikelle was never found.

It is as if she vanished.

Kimber, who was the last person to see her riding off, says they will never give up looking.

"We have no answers," said Kimber. "There's nothing. We have theories, but theories don't give you peace."

Kimber has set up a Facebook page dedicated to finding what out what happened to her sister. The "Justice for Mikelle Biggs" Facebook page has nearly 18,000 followers. Kimber wants to keep growing and spreading the word about new missing person cases, and about her sisters case.

"I figure the more people that see me begging and fighting for answers, the more likely it's going to reach more people, and get to someone that actually knows something," said Kimber. She still has her sister's favorite bear, and everyone has clung to it, while they hope one day to find some answers.

Mesa Police officials say Mikelle Biggs' disappearance remains an open case, with no new strong leads. There was a dollar bill that had Mikelle's name on it. FOX 10 reported on this development in March 2018, but police now say it was not a credible lead.

Mikelle's parent now live in Utah.

Anyone with information should call Mesa Police or Silent Witness.

Si tiene alguna información sobre este caso, llame a la línea de Testigo Silencioso (480-TESTIGO, 480-837-8446), o llame Mesa Police.