40% chance of above average rainfall predicted for parts of Arizona during summer 2021

After a brutal summer in 2020, it looks like things may turn around for the state in summer 2021, as the Climate Prediction Center puts out its precipitation probability outlook.

Summer 2020 won't be easily forgotten by people, and not because of COVID-19. Many high temperature records were broken, and that caused problems for people and plants.

"It was heartbreaking when you drive around and see something that's 25 or 30 years old, people's pride and joy, and it's dying," said Jon Crone, General Manager of Moon Valley Nurseries in Arcadia.

For months, Arizona has been in a serious drought, and according to the latest update, 85% of the state is in extreme to exceptional drought conditions.

"A wet monsoon can help that some," said Janet Rogers, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Phoenix. "We kind of need a wet monsoon, followed by a wetter winter and fall to really make a dent in that."

Now, it looks like there may be a shift in the trend. According to the Climate Prediction Center, odds are slightly favored for above-normal precipitation from June through August for some parts of the state.

"It's about a 40% chance that we’ll see above-normal precipitation, really during the heart of monsoon, so that’s certainly different compared to what we’ve seen the past couple of years, and I think it will be welcome news to most people," said Rogers. "It’s a more promising outlook than we’ve seen the past couple of years. There is at least something to look forward to this summer."

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