5 arrested after brawl at ASU frat party

Five people were arrested after five Arizona State University students were assaulted early Sunday morning.

An ASU fraternity residence became the scene of two related, but separate, assaults overnight. Five people are behind bars and police could be looking for more.

It was at the apartments near University and McClintock Drives where neighbors heard loud gunshots early morning Sunday.

"You heard the shooting, it seemed like seven or eight shots," said a neighbor.

Members of the ASU fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon live at the Hayden Terrace.

They say the chaos started when a group of intruders came looking for young woman.

Police then say a fight broke out between some of the fraternity brothers and the group. The suspect left, but things didn't end there.

"They are heard yelling that they are going to return and with guns, so about 30 minutes later the individuals come back...and they jump out the vehicle with bats and start swinging away," said Sgt. Mike Pooley, with Tempe Police Department.

One person suffered a serious head wound and five victims were transported to the hospital with injuries.

"When the suspects finished assaulting people with bats, they started going back to their vehicle--that's when they pulled out some handguns-- and they started shooting guns in the air," said Pooley.

No one was hurt from the gunfire.

A police officer on patrol was able to locate the suspects getting away; four people were arrested: 19-year-old Isaiah Everett, 18-year-old Zack Rezendes, 19-year-old Clarissa Casillas and 19-year-old Michael Reyes.

DKE released this partial statement:

"Several ∆KE members who had been assaulted by the intruders were rushed to the hospital suffering from severe wounds...We are working with the Tempe Police Department and aiding them in their investigation to bring these intruders to justice."

Late Sunday night, the fifth suspect was arrested, 20-year-old Caleb Everett. Police are continuing their search for the sixth suspect.

"But now they are suspects in this very serious crime. It just goes to show you when you mix alcohol with your emotions things usually bad happen," said Pooley.

Police say the second assault could have been avoided, but no one called them after first incident.