5 generations of a family gather to celebrate WWII veteran's 98th birthday

CHANDLER, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- On this Memorial Day, five generations of a family held a celebration, as one of their own turned 98 today.

Vernal Gledhill is a World War II veteran, and fittingly, his birthday happened to fall on Memorial Day in 2019. It was a birthday extravaganza as people showed up to wish Gledhill a happy birthday. Starting with Gledhill's son and down to his great-granddaughter, all five generations of the Gledhill family were at the Veteran's Oasis Park.

"I can look around and see faces of people I love," said Gledhill, whose children couldn't be more proud.

"I'm glad to have served, and I'm very proud that he taught me the importance of serving your country, patriotism, and serve your country," said Gledhill's son, David.

At the park, other family, friends, as well as supporters from all walks of life came to share what Memorial Day means to them.

The Gledhill family said on this Memorial Day, they want to remember not only Gledhill and all of the other veterans' service to the country, but also fallen soldiers and those still alive for their service.