5 sets of twins graduating from Goodyear high school

For one high school in the West Valley, 2020's graduating class brings something they have never seen before.

The school has five sets of twins in the graduating class.

"Mackayla is more social. She is more of the social butterfly. I don’t really like talking to people unless I really get to know them," said Mackacria Weiss, one of the five sets of twins graduating.

Just because they are born twins, doesn’t mean they're always alike. In interviews with FOX 10's Stephanie Olmo, the twins identified their differences from each other. One pair said one was more creative-minded while the other is very mathematically minded. Another pair of twins say one is more extroverted, while the other is more introverted.

The twins are graduating from Great Hearts Trivium Prep in Goodyear. It would be the most amount of twins graduating at the same time at the school. 

With their high school careers over, they are getting ready to move on to the next chapter of the lives. They are all heading to college, and for the first time, two sets will be separating.