A smaller DUI task force is out at Waste Management Phoenix Open

It may be a smaller event in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the DUI Task Force will still be out in full force at the Waste Management Phoenix Open

"It’s no longer going to be agencies from multiple cities. It’s just going to be Scottsdale," said Sgt. Kevin Quon with the Scottsdale Police Department. "Scottsdale will still be out in force doing saturation patrols, mainly to ensure that we focus on people that choose to make a not-so-good decision and get them off the highway"

In years past, a "Know Your Limit Tent" was set up, and thousands of people would be breathalyzed. This year, the tent will not be set up.

However, that doesn't mean law enforcement officials won't be around.

"We’re going to be doing business as normal, as far as looking for the impaired drivers," said Sgt. Quon. "For us, we still have a large footprint in the open, as far as safety goes and what we do, so we are still here, we are still present, we are doing our normal education, as we typically would."

There are multiple checkpoints on the streets. 

Sgt Quon says there will also be officers around, educating people on the dangers of drinking and driving. 

"We have people that are out there, talking to them," said Sgt. Quon. "When we see people carrying around two types of beer or something like that, we just want to let them know that there is a better way to do it, there is a safer way to do it, so it’s just giving that constant communication and conversation."

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