A year after Fashion Square riots, Scottsdale Police continue to make arrests, recover stolen goods

Hundreds of people stormed Scottsdale Fashion Square last summer, damaging property and getting away with stolen items.

One year later, Scottsdale Police are still making arrests and recovering stolen merchandise. So far, 63 people have been arrested in connection to the riots, and officers say more are to come.

Surveillance video has been the key component in having people arrested and charged. Many of the tips have come in from pawn shops.

"A lot of the items that were taken have serial numbers," said Lieutenant Jeromie Omeara. "They're high dollar items, so the stores were keeping inventory of it so when people would go to pawn it, they would have that record."

Another method was by checking websites selling the items, with victims able to recognize their items.

Scottsdale Police don't have an exact value of what was stolen, but estimate that it is around $2 million.

Currently, $241,000 in merchandise has been recovered, with more than 75 victims helping the investigation to get back their belongings.

"The tips we keep getting from stores, the individuals connected to it - that's how we were able to connect the dots," said Omeara.

Police say they will continue to arrest as many people as possible as the tips continue to come in.

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