AC technicians see more calls as Valley residents deal with extreme heat

When it gets really hot, air conditioners are basically running non-stop, and that is horrible news if an air conditioning unit goes out.

Usually, air conditioning technicians really ramp up in June, but they have already been extremely busy. Part of the issue is the heat came on so early for 2020, it didn’t give people enough time for their usual maintenance.

"Now it’s getting hotter earlier, so the systems are running twice as long," said John Hudson, a Service Manager with Goettl. "You are going to get into June, July, and September. So instead of four months, you are looking at six."

Now, air conditioning technicians, like employees at Goettl, are seeing a huge increase in calls.

"We have about 25 to 30 technicians, and we are talking six to seven calls per technician. We are a couple of hundred calls per day," said Hudson.

They say that is double the number from May 2019, and several more calls a day, per person, than April.

Technicians are tending to maintenance and a an influx of unit breakdowns. They say the best things people can do are to change filters, and get someone to service the system in preparation, before it gets to that breakdown point.