Accomplice of mother who tried to scam her son in Georgia arrested in Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The man believed to be an accomplice to a mother who tried to scam her disabled son out of nearly a quarter of a million dollars has been arrested in Phoenix.

58-year-old Yvonne Longmire had Maurice Ford pose as her 28-year-old son, Lee Longmire, in probate court in December. Ford's was to convince a judge that Lee is mentally capable of managing his trust fund.

Investigators say Lee's mother and Lee almost pulled off the perfect plan.

"No one had seen Lee in quite some time," said Cpl. Wilber Rundles with the Gwinnett County Police Department in Georiga. "And they had presented documents that they had fraudulently obtained that [made it] appear legit that he was Lee."

In January, the paralegal who handled the Longmire case knew something wasn't right. She says Ford showed up to pick up the trust check payment and accidentally introduced himself as "Maurice," before correcting himself saying he was "Lee Longmire."

"If there's something more to this that she thinks that we don't know where she thinks she has his best interest at heart, we encourage her to contact us," Cpl. Rundles said. "Come turn yourself in."

Police now have several felony warrants for Yvonne Longmire, but she can't be found at her home. Also, it seems that no one can account for Lee Longmire and, giving his mental health, police are extremely worried about his well-being.

"We're wanting to make sure that we put eyes on him," Cpl. Rundles said. "[We want to] make sure he's in good health."